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Policies That Protect Your Livelihood

Whether you’re embracing farm life for the first time or managing a multi-generational agribusiness, we understand farms.  

In 1856, a group of farmers came together to establish the companies that eventually amalgamated to form HD Mutual with a clear mission: to provide their community with dependable farm insurance at fair rates. Today, we proudly uphold their vision, offering unmatched expertise and local insight into our community’s agricultural landscape.  

Ontario’s oldest farm Mutual

HD Mutual has protected farms for generations. Our experience allows us to safeguard everything from hobby farms to thriving enterprises. Trust in farm insurance from those who understand – it just makes sense! 

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Find the Right Coverage

Finding the right insurance coverage that balances protection and affordability can be daunting. With a multitude of coverages and discounts available, comparing quotes can feel intimidating, we want to help with that.  

At HD Mutual, we simplify the process. Our agents and brokers go beyond simply reviewing your current coverage; we work with you to determine as best as possible your property replacement cost.   This ensures that you’re adequately insured, particularly crucial during times of inflation and resource scarcity. We then tailor coverage recommendations and apply applicable discounts to make your insurance policy both comprehensive and cost-effective.  

Farm Insurance Discounts May Include:

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