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  • This payment will be reviewed, and your account will be credited on our next regular business day following the receipt of this payment  
  • Premium Notice: Your premium is due on or before the effective date. If payment is not received on the effective date of the policy, a notice will be sent advising of the late payment and potential policy cancellation.  
  • Cancellation Notice: Payment for this policy has not been received, a registered cancellation will occur. Policy may or may not be reinstated if payment is received within 10 days.  
  • If your policy has cancelled for Non-Payment of premium and your payment is being made after the cancellation date, such payment may not reinstate your coverage. 
  • Cancellation payments not received, any amounts owing will be sent to a collection’s agency.  
  • The company reserves the right to refuse to apply any payment to a cancelled policy.  
  • If your payment is in cancellation status, please contact your insurance representative before submitting any payment.  
  • Future endorsements to your policy resulting in additional premium will require payment to be provided within 30 days.
  • HD Mutual Insurance Company will re-bill any balance due upon applying a partial payment. 
  • HD Mutual Insurance Company will credit any over-payment to Insured’s account. 


Should you find any errors related to your billing, or have any questions regarding your bill, please contact your insurance representative at the number listed on your policy.

Please contact your broker or agent to make any policy changes and/or cancellations.

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